facultyThe school is proud of having motivated and dedicated faculty to oversee the well being of our students.A good teacher-student ratio makes it possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child. During study hours intensive coaching facility is provided so that there is usually no need for extra tution.



The library is rich in books. the library has large collection of text books reference books, journals on various disciplines. The library follows an “open access system”




To keep pace with the modern educational system & latest technology upgradtion, we have equipped all the laboratories with ultra modern equipments. there are separate Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology , Mathematics & Computer Science. The latest scientific education is imparted to encourage the students to empower the new region in the field of science.


computer-labIn the line with modern education systems, adequate number of computers along with qualified 
instructors have been operating and imparting the latest computer education.


BUSThe school has its own C.N.G. Transport vehicles. The school transport facilitates children to 
reach school safely on time. it goes to the nearest possible distance from home. The responsibility of the safe conduct of the student to the point, from where the buses pick them up and on return drop them, is of the guardian.


The school arrange frequent visits to place of interest in and around Delhi. We believe in providing an all round experience to the students for the development of their personality.


class roomThe HOLY GROUP OF SCHOOLS offers a range of classrooms that can meet the needs of our clients. Large and small spaces are available, and each classroom has a whiteboard,tables and chairs.Audio-visual equipment such as projectors,screens and flip charts are also available for your convenience. If you are planing a workgroup meeting, offering a class or are organizing a training than you will in need to ask about our classroom facilities!


pgroundAdventurous playgrounds are , by their nature,distinct and particular to their location and their users.This briefing paper aims to describe what is meant by adventure playgrounds funded through Government’s play pathfinder and third sector adventure playground funding programme information for adventure playgrounds in the third sector funding programme.

An Adventure playground can be described as a space dedicated solely to children’s play,where 
skilled play workers enable and facilitate the ownership,development and design of that space-physically, socially and culturally-by the children playing there.The indoor and outdoor areas are enclosed by a boundary which signals that the space within is dedicated to children’s play and that activities such as digging,making fires or building and demolishing dens-activities not normally condoned in other spaces where children play are provided for and encouraged.


As it is our mission to churn out well balanced personalities, we seek to provide a blend of curricular &  co-curricular activities to pursue their interest and enhance their talent through:-

  •  Outdoor and Indoor games
  •  Cultural Programmes
  •  Art & Craft Competetions
  •  Inter-house & Inter-School Competetions
  •  Science Exhibitions
  •  Fun Filled Picnics
  •  Educational Tours